Re: Mets 2006 Projections?

>How are the White Sox a lock for anything? They were a 91 win team
>last year that got lucky and rode some very timely pitching. So far,
>they've added Thome, who is a huge question mark, and Vazquez, who was
>terrible the one year he was in the AL. The Indians underperformed
>their record and have one of the youngest lineups in baseball that is
>only going to get better. I wouldn't be surprised if the Indians beat
>the White Sox by at least 6 games this year.

While the Indians are definitely an up and coming team they also will be
minus their ace from last season (Kevin Millwood). And the W/Sox have
arguably the best starting rotation in MLB. Heck, even Vazquez will in
all likelyhood be their #5 starter.

1. Contreras 15-7 3.61 ERA
2. Buehrle 16-8 3.12 ERA
3. Garland 18-10 3.50 ERA
4. Garcia 14-8 3.87 ERA
5. Javier Vazquez

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