Re: News Rumor Good For A Laugh - OM "Interested" in Sosa

"Sam Hutcheson" <thisisnotmyemail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> On Mon, 5 Dec 2005 18:59:02 -0500, "Bruce W. Goldstein"
> <metfan14@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>"Ed D" <Ejd935@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>>I sometimes think that newspapers are in a conspiracy with doctors to
>>> print articles soley to increase readers blood pressure. The follwing
>>> probably belongs in the comics.
>>> Hey maybe we could use Sosa as our backup defensive CF. :-).
>>If the Mets can't get Ramirez (and personally, I think Manny stays with
>>Boston), why not give Sosa a heavily incentive laden contract??? You never
>>know. Floyd, Beltran and Sosa in the OF.
> because sosa is done. raul mondesi done.

It doesn't hurt to give Sosa a ST invite. Mondesi didn't work out for the
Braves and they replaced him with Francouer. This didn't kill the Braves and
it won't kill the Mets, either. I think it's worth a shot.



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