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>Apparently the Mets have turned their focus to the bullpen
> - Setup reliever
> - Catcher (via trade not Free Agents)
> - Matsui will be given an opportunity (they can't do anything else)
> - Possible trade for Javier Vazquez
>Hopefully he is right about the Mets not pursuing other players as prominent
>as Delgado or Wagner. Let's hope the Manny or Soriano talks end and the Mets
>keep Milledge with them. From
> 11/29/2005 7:56 PM ET
> What's next for Mets?
> Focus to turn to setup man, catcher to team with Castro
> By Marty Noble /
>NEW YORK -- Their primary offseason objectives accomplished in the last six
>days, the Mets will now turn to the lower-profile entries on their
>November-December agenda. The high-profile personnel they have imported has
>significantly improved their outlook for 2006 and beyond. And now, it seems,
>they will try to collect smaller pieces that fit neatly in their blueprint.
>According to several people familiar with the Mets' thinking, the club
>likely is finished pursuing players as prominent as Carlos Delgado and Billy
>Wagner, both acquired in the last week, and might even move away from the
>two, relatively high-profile free agents catchers as it tries to create a
>killer bullpen.
>One person said Monday that the Mets may pursue a number of free agents,
>including Tom Gordon, the Yankees' setup man the past two seasons, to serve
>as a setup man for Wagner but not Bengie Molina nor Ramon Hernandez to be
>the primary successor to Mike Piazza.
>Instead, the person said, Piazza's primary understudy, Ramon Castro, would
>do the bulk of the catching and another catcher would be acquired to serve
>as Castro's backup.
>At that same time, it appears the Mets are leaning toward affording second
>baseman Kaz Matsui one more opportunity to be the player he was in Japan --
>if they can't find a deal that exports him -- and that their interest has
>increased in Javier Vazquez, the former Expos and Yankees pitcher who has
>demanded the Diamondbacks trade him.
>With Delgado on the roster and Wagner there the Mets no longer are
>restricted by uncertainty as they prepare for the Winter Meetings next week
>in Dallas. There they can pursue deals for the "other" catcher, a
>left-handed reliever, Gordon or a comparable reliever and continue their
>efforts to move Matsui, whose three-year, $20.5 million contract expires at
>the end of the 2006 season.
>"If he's here, he plays. [An $8] million player plays," a member of the Mets
>hierarchy said Monday. "We like guys in the last years of their contracts.
>It's motivation. And we don't think he wants to go back to Japan, not having
>played well here."
>If Matsui doesn't perform at the level the Mets see as adequate, he could be
>displaced by either Anderson Hernandez, a quick defender with an unproven
>bat, or Jeff Keppinger, a Jay Bell-type player with limited range and a more
>potent hitter than Hernandez, or a combination of the two.
>Matsui does have one other element in his favor. His range, limited to his
>right, is better to his left, a plus with Delgado now at first base. General
>manager Omar Minaya acknowledged range is a greater consideration now
>because Delgado is not particularly mobile. Manager Willie Randolph did as
>well. "We're not going to go out looking for someone," he said, "just
>because of range. ... You can't have the total package all the time."
>But Delgado, who began his career as a catcher, said he intends to work on
>his defense at first base and be more of the defender he was with the Blue
>Jays. His defense with the Marlins last season was, by his estimation,
>lacking. "I didn't play well. I was bad," he said Monday. "There were times
>I didn't play good ball. I'm going to be better than last year. I'm going to
>hold my own."
>Marty Noble is a reporter for This story was not subject to the
>approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

I'm inclined to worry about the catching situation.
Ramon Castro had an OK hitting season (remember it was just a .244 BA)
and has never hit well before in the majors and he'll be 30. I expect
his barely adequate offense to worsen in 2006. He'd be OK as a #2
catcher IMO but should not be #1.

I'd like to see Ramon Hernandez signed to be #1.

If I were Omar I'd get off the Manny infatuation, sign Ramon
Hernandez, hope to get a decent RFer out of V.Diaz or Nady perhaps
mixing in Mark Sweeney that he's been talking to.

I think one more solid RP is all that would be needed. If we resign
Roberto Hernandez. I liked what I saw of Padilla. Keep Heilman.

Too bad we're destined to be stuck with Kaz until his next injury.

Larry Smith

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