Re: Give Jacobs the 1B job for 2006

> Based on what? his hot streak during his first 100ABs? Have you ever heard
> of Spencer and Abgayani?

Ever hear of Ryan Howard? The Phillies got lucky when Thome got hurt, but in
your world how would anyone ever know how good a kid can be. Again, I'm not
saying that Jacobs is the real deal, but how the hell are you ever going to
know unless you play him? If opportunities matter, what more would Jacobs
have to have done with his opportunity when it presented itself?

> Yep signing getting those high draft picks have really paid off for the
> Mets. So much that last year first round pick had Tommy John surgery.

So Humber is now done in your book. And where's Kazmir? Heilman? How well is
Milledge performing in the minors? Baseball isn't like Football or
Basketball, but you don't dismiss the importance of drafting well because of
past failures.With all the money the Yankees spend, where would they have
been without their homegrown talent? Same for the Braves.

>> It's all a gamble. Did anyone think in their wildest dreams that Beltran
>> would be so bad?
> Did anyone knew he was going to play hurt all season long?

If your hurt, rest and get better, but I don't want to hear excuses if you
play and perform poorly.

>>?Look Jacobs could be a bust, but when he wasn't injured he twice won the
>>Mets minor league player of the year award and his first 100 major league
>>AB's were terrific.The kid has a sweet swing.
> Yep he put great numbers, but he was also older than his competition in
> AA.

So he was older, he missed almost all of last season.

>> Texas has a new GM, I'd like the Mets to reapproach them with a Zambrano
>> and Cameron for Soriano trade. Soriano is only gonna be 30 and has great
>> power numbers.
> Soriano? That's all you care, HRs? Please tell me you are not considering
> trading for a guy who can't get on base?? Don't you think the Mets have
> enough of those? Plus why will you want a player that will SINK once he
> plays at Shea Stadium (and not in a hitters park).
> Avg Obp Slg Ops
> Home .315 .355 .656 1.011
> Away .224 .265 .374 .639
> Not to mention that he is horrible with the glove. On the road, Soriano is
> worst than Matsui (.255/.300/.352).

The object of the game, on offense, is to score and knock in runs, how were
his numbers in those two catagories over the last five seasons?