Met Thoughts on Saturday

Victor Diaz -

Glad Victor Diaz is finally back. But it's sad it took something like
what happened, for him to come back. Hopefully, his AAA days are
forever behind him now. And he will claim the RF spot for the Metsies
for good now.

David Wright -

The 3rd spot in the Mets batting order should belong to David Wright
for the next 10 years. I've been so high on him lately, and was kinda
brought back down to earth when flipping through the tv channels
yesterday, I saw a old 60 minutes on Darryl Strawberry and Dwight
Gooden. And how promising their careers once were. Let's hope David
does see his promise through with the Mets.

Jae Seo -

What took the Mets so damn long to demote Ishii and insert Seo. I
have a feeling he will have another good outing today. He sure can't
be any worse than Ishii.

Tough loss again last night. Somebody remind me again how terrible
Armando Benitez was? Funny, how all these posts go up about the all
time Met worst trades and their is hardly ever any mention of the
Armando Benitez trade (give away).

Super T


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