Re: insurance runs

On Sat, 23 Jul 2005 21:56:32 GMT, "Mark Hesse"
<MarkHesse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>wow we go one, despite mentkiewicz (sp). Will a 2 run lead be big enough
>for Looper?
>Earlier he announcer said the Mets are just a couple of players away from
>being a very good team.
>2 more starting pitchers
>a catcher
>a first baseman
>a second baseman
>and another outfielder

Yeah, but the funny thing is - That is ALOT closer to being _a very
good team_ than the Mets have been in quite awhile. Take away Wright,
Reyes, Beltran, Pedro, Hernandez, Benson & Zambrano and add Leiter,
Franco, Kaz Matsui, Jason Phillips, and Richard Hidalgo and we pretty
much have the Mets of the last few years. Yikes!

Super T

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