Tweet 7/11

# THE MELKMAN DELIVERS! Cabrera earns MVP honors. What a great player
and ambassador he turned out to be.

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  • Caldera: A man for all fields
    ... thinking he's a regular player every day," Torre said. ... Cabrera wouldn't need to hear that speech. ... There were no trade offers attractive enough for the Yankees to part ... "I thought it would take him a little more time," said Mark Newman, ...
  • Re: More on Gagne
    ... I think the rationale was that Cabrera, on balance, was a so-so ... Renteria and very good prospect Jed Lowrie for Cabrera. ... nice, solid player, at a salary that no longer seems outrageous. ...
  • Re: Mitch Jones Promoted
    ... Cabrera every day? ... and they are essentially the same type of player. ... He missed games on Sun, Mon, and Tue this week; then played in Wed's game, when he went 0-5 with 3 Ks; then sat out last night's game. ... They had to add Jones to the 40-man in order to call him up, which means they'll have to release someone when players start coming off the DL. ...
  • Re: GC - PINCHHIT for AGon!!!!!
    ... because he's just not that good a player. ... Cabrera was for the Angels) but that doesn't mean that it was a mistake ... And yes, that's why I said "hindsight" Looking at Cabrera, I would ... The team had plenty of offense to compensate. ...
  • Re: Indoctrinated and Brainwashed
    ... Every important player on the team is over ... I assume Cabrera will spend most of the year on the bench, ... Yanks go with an outfield of Matsui-Damon-Abreu. ...