Tweet 7/4

# Murphy missed most of 1992. He signed with the brand-new Rockies
in 1993, hoping to at least hit 2 homers to reach the 400 plateau.

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  • Re: Game146---***13***---September 11th.---Dons grade/thoughts!!
    ... His three hits in the big club are more than he hit ALL SEASON in AA ... Jacoby had 10 homers in 275 minor league games. ... I agree that it's nice to see him hitting homers and not cheapies at that. ...
  • Re: Workouts
    ... I created my own and I put on 15 pounds ... in two months and I have hit a plateau so I am looking for something ... couple days and do different types of weight training. ...
  • Re: We have the pitching, what about offense?
    ... continue to hit like he has the past two years. ... good reason to be optimistic about Pedroia moving forward. ... But your numbers provide no basis for that optimism. ... a guy hits 14 homers. ...
  • Re: Whatever happened to Dave Kingman?
    ... season in which he hit .288. ... His 154 homers as a Met rank him somewhat short of Strawberry's 252. ... I happened to be going to Far Rockaway High School back in ... I was playing tennis at the courts at the other end of the field, ...
  • Re: ARod should have taken out the second baseman
    ... Yankee, he's liked this park. ... I saw YES put up a stat saying that he has 39 homers there. ... Going by how he's hit as a Yankee, I would have thought he might ... I don't think he was too happy to see Jaime Moyer go. ...