Tweet 6/9

# And Bowden looks like a total bust, so no great loss there. Oh well.
The one thing Byrd does have over Darnell is CF defense.

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    ... Hearing loss has to do with how long ... That's an accurate description of your posts. ... It wasn't my defense, it was yours. ... it's okay because the Zune does it too. ...
  • Re: la liga preview
    ... this is NOT the defensively strong but offensively weak valencia that many casual fans remember from champions league past. ... but that may not be so much of a loss as it used to be. ... osasuna v. getafe: for those who claim that serie a football is superior, ... real story of this match is last year's champs and most prolific scorers away to la liga's stingiest defense. ...
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    ... Pass blocking. ... Penalties. ... The run defense was pretty solid. ... While no loss is a good loss, ...
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    ... That run defense is terrible, and Shanahan is smart enough to see ... The Donks will be running right at Freeney all game. ... With the Colts unable to run against Denver's ... I'm not worried too much about the loss of Lepsis since it's their ...
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    ... better than us on offense and defense. ... Watch Lists, Block Lists, Favorites - ... Definately a dissapointing loss. ...