Tweet 2/10

# OSWALT WON?T GO TO DALLAS! Jayson Stark says there?s no way the
Rangers or Phils will sign roy, and that Cincy is very unlikely.

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  • Re: So whos happy with your chrimbo pressie?
    ... Our decline had nothing to do with Roy, ... dictate the pace of the game for you. ... > he could do a job in midfield *or* defence but was far from convinced. ... And when you take all three points off the Rangers yet again, ...
  • Tweet 1/29
    ... payroll and a rotation slot for Roy. ... Rangers haven't thrown in towel. ...
  • Re: Tweet 9/6
    ... I'll be rooting for Cincy because they're a good story, ... agree that the Phils are the biggest threat now that they're healthy. ...
  • Tweet 6/21
    ... # OSWALT SPOTTED IN DALLAS: Roy will start for the Rangers tomorrow ... against Colorado. ...
  • Re: Tampa Rays: AL East Champs!
    ... The Rays don't want to play the Rangers - the Yanks get the Twins - ... the Phils are going to win it all. ...