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# Listen, Hamilton isn?t allowed to carry a credit card or any large
bills, and is chaperoned at all times. It's like he lives in a bubble.

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  • Re: Paying bills while cruising
    ... I'm thinking ahead and wondering how we will pay the bills that arrive ... Have one credit card automatically paid. ... I absolutely do not use a public access computer for on-line banking. ... I do not advise trying to find internet cafes as our on-line banking ...
  • Re: (OT) Credit Cards
    ... I do have a debit card I use for regular household bills, ... It was time to use HER credit card, which had never been used before. ... They'd rather I be a deadbeat running up a ton of debt so they can charge exhorbitant interest and late fees because I can't pay my ... Um, excuse me, it's based on the fact that I'm *not* a slacker who racks up interest and late fees by making minimum payments. ...
  • =?iso-8859-1?Q?Re:_Woman_ordered_out_of_chemical-free_bubble?=
    ... She and her husband call the structure "the bubble." ... Some of the couple's neighbors in suburban South Whitehall Township ... Feudale-Bowes says fabric softener, nail polish, perfume, new ... Thomas Kelly, 53, who lives across the street, said that while he ...
  • Re: You people and your f%#@*&^ plastic. William McKinley, Grover Cleveland, James Madison, and
    ... over $2,000 again on credit fraud. ... it, but its more trouble than its worth, from a credit card my mom did ... fraud proof $500 bills over a stupid credit card? ... Wait for me to die, then you can have all of the credit, debit ...
  • Re: Citibank chip-and-pin cards
    ... Rumors have it that people in the US still use cheques, like, on real ... I always use my credit card. ... I don't care for coins ... in for bills every three or four months. ...