Re: A little grabass

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Just saw a play, "Somethings Afoot", ( spoofs detective stories,
mainly the works of Agatha Christie ) put on by a local group.

Wouldn't you know in the first 2 minutes the butler tried once to grab
the maid's ass - and then a second time he got his hand full.

In the 2nd act a young lady grabbed a handful of a cute guy's butt.

        Were any of them using their position of authority to offer... or
deny the other a job?     Did the maid state, "that's not what I'm here
for", for which the answer was, 'you want a job don't you?'.     Of course
          I wouldn't expect someone of your advanced age to see the
difference... or to understand it.    Things have changed since 'your day'
when women were told to shut up and take it... we're actually not considered
pieces of meat any longer.    Imagine that.

I have no respect for people ( men or women) who either get jobs or
attempt to get jobs by the "who you know" route. And I don't care
wether they do it standing up, laying down or on their knees. And
"advanced age" - all that means is that I've already seen things from
your youthful point of view while you have yet to gain my experience.