Re: John Henry

On Oct 15, 12:23 pm, "Dano" <janeandd...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I haven't gotten around to listening to the whole interview (two hours!) of
his visit to WBZ FM yesterday...

However...the biggest reveal that he gave that I'm hearing discussed today
is that he came out and said he was opposed to the Crawford signing.

John Henry said that in response to Felger's question, "Was the
Crawford signing a baseball move, or a (NESN) public relation move?".

The owner was trying to explain that his 'baseball people' make the
baseball decisions and even though he didn't think it was the right
move, the 'baseball people' had the final say. He started to give his
reasons for opposing the signing....that the team already had enough
LHB...then I think he realized where it was leading and he stopped.

Still, he said it and he's going to have to live it. And so will the
rest of us, because WBZ-FM is playing the cut during every promo.