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I believe he's cleared waivers. Should the Sox make a trade for him?
He could stabilize the rotation.  Does anyone think Bedard is in the
long range plan? Back issues  can be tricky so how reliable will
Buchholz be next year?  What are the plans for Miller?  I know this
isn't much of post but they are just some random thoughs I had.

Hopefully we don't have to start apologizing for baseball posts.

Do you think the Astro's pitcher is Barbara Wa-Wa's favorite player?

There is 'nothing to not like' about Rodriguez.  The Yankee's are
supposedly also interested so maybe being in 2nd place so we can block
their waiver claim is part of the plan.

I would love to have Bedard back but anything long term is very
risky...(and by long term I mean weeks not years)

I'm sure Miller is in the Red Sox 2012 rotation plans (probably more
than their 2011 plans).  I don't have a lot of hope for him though.
Can anyone point to an example of a similar pitcher becoming effective?

Sandy Koufax- Hide quoted text -

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Koufax and Stewart have some similarity as does maybe Randy Johnson
but take a look at each pitcher at the same age as Miller....26

Johnson 65 GS W-L 24-24 ERA 4.03 WHIP 1.395
Stewart 23 GS W-L 23-15 ERA 3.11 WHIP 1.249
Koufax 164 GS W-L 64-60 ERA 3.71 WHIP 1.314

Koufax had already been on two All Star Teams and received MVP votes
as a 25 & 26 yr old
Johnson has was an All star at 26.

Those guys are probably shooting a bit high. Better comparisions are
LaTroy Hawkins & Mike Morgan

Right now Andrew Miller's numbers are:

Miller 63 GS W-L 20-27 ERA 5.72 WHIP 1.746
That 1.746 WHIP is the highest of any pitcher with at least 300
innings since 1940.