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from 3-0 Sox to 7-3 Blue Jays. Pathetic.

and it's how they do it,

The FO had better make SOME kind of move TOMORROW. This had better be, one
way or another, a watershed moment for this team or you can kiss this
season goodbye.  This is truly awful low-A caliber ball. Absolutely

A difference of tastes in jokes is a great strain on the affections. -
George Eliot

Too much is needed, but they better start doing something.

What do they need?
1. About 4 decent pitchers.
2. Two major league talent catchers.
3. One manager smart enough to get Lowrie in the lineup 85% of the
time or more.
4. Two gigantically paid newcomers to start producing smewhat close to
what was expected.
5. One benching (for a game or 2) of Carl Crawford. He needs a new
6. One manager capable of evaluating players and using the best
strategies for the moment and the situation. Perferably one with fire
7. One GM who can realize how bad the teamk is right now and is
willing to acknowledge errors by jettisoning now useless players, even
if they were once valuable, key members of the team. (Cough* Varitek
and Wakefield)
8. One statute of Dustin Pedroia. Put it in the locker room.