Um, you're really ignorant and privileged and you need to control whom you
regard, you hurt people when you don't control your attentions to people.

If you want to involve me or my family in something next time, please ask.

You don't ask, and your ego is intimidating, and your talent overrated.

I'll achieve when you stop getting paid for such underwhelming and
insignificant work.

If I don't talk to you, it's because I don't want to talk to you, you
trivialize and I am sick of your questions.

Next time you want to essentially kill my dad with your assholish midwest
college boy rude upper middle class inquiries, please grow some balls and

I didn't want you in my life, you are annoying and untalented. When you
empower "ugly" poor people who aren't as "beautiful" as you then I will
welcome your upper middle class annoying and shallow involvement.

I resent it, I resent your class privilege. Also I think your work sucks.

You profit from the hurt of others and get applauded for it. You really
aren't that interesting or talented, if you had any real intelligence or
creativity at all you would ask me how I am.

My community resents your bitchy upper middle class and shallow inquiries
and your annoying "I want to help" attitude. Again in your world, where
talent is overrated and you really have nothing interesting to contribute,
that is appropriate.

You just don't mean very much to me and I have to ask you what psychological
insecurities prompt your involvement.

Personally I believe in learning first and doing service before deciding
whether what you have to contribute is worth anything. I can see you were
raised with a different mentality.

Again, as far as I am concerned, you serve to intimidate me and my family
and friends and are quite ungrateful, you serve as an inadequate replacement
for that.

I resent your involvement as I don't respect your work or your talent, you
just seem to exploit other people's history.