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Really good teams, like NYY,  RS, and Phillies, have limited options
on improving to be a great team. They already have good players at
almost every position, and some stars. In prior years, to get good
players whom they hoped to be stars, they had to sign longish
contracts, which limits flexibility. They can eat some poor contracts,
NYY better than anyone. but still, there are limits.

Take NYY:

Looking at the starting 9 (including DH), where could they improve? No
possibilities in the infield, even thouh Jeter is slipping defensively
and offensively and Arod is slipping defensively and may miss more
games than usual. In the outfield, they are not really strong, but
they have good players at all three positions, have a commitment to
Granderson, are unlikely to do much better than Swisher. So, it is
just Gardner. At catcher, they could improve a fair amount, but it is
hard to find a great catcher. they were a team of DHers at one point,
so Posada is unlikely to be an upgrade.

Pitching, well, few aces come on the market. NYY reached for Lee and
could not land him, and who else was available? So they had to mix and
match with the possible return to form of former good pitchers and
possible finds from the farm. But really hard. The BP was one area for
upgrading, although as I remember, the NYY BP last year was not bad,
and, of course, Mariano was v. good and not moveable. So it is really
no surprise that NYY mostly stood pat, except in the BP with Soriano.

With the RS, there were some similar blocks. The had a substantial
risk of dropping back with the potential loss of Victor and Beltre.
However, they were v. weak in LF after the loss of Manny. They chose
to roll the dice at catcher, replace Beltre with the better Adrian G
(with Youk switching), gaining in offense and losing some in defense.
Of course, Crawford was a big upgrade in LF, but that was a very
difficult signing, at a high price.

For pitching, the RS were stuck with what they had --- no real
options. Knowing the difficulty in getting a front line starting
pitcher, Theo had reached in 2009 with Lackey, who was only decent in
2010 and clearly below expectations (and unrealistic hopes). For
Dice-K and Beckett, they just had to hope for a return to prior form,
as they were locked in. Like NYY, they had a chance to upgrade the BP,
which was v. much in need of an upgrade. Still, the BP added a couple
of good arms but, beyond Bard, remains a Q mark.

In sum, both teams probably did about all they could reasonable do to
upgrade. Boston won the hot stove league b/c it had a couple of bigger
weaknesses, but it also had losses (Beltre and Victor) that NYY did
not have.

Keep an eye on the other New York team.  They are a financial mess and
could have a fire sale soon.

Johan Santana probably won't pitch until mid season but if healthy he
could change a pennant race.  He is still owed $72M guaranteed over
the next 3 years (possibly 97 over the next 4 years)  The Mets would
have to swallow some of that to trade him to any team except the
Yankees....(and a crosstown trade would be unlikely)

Players like Beltran, Reyes, Wright and Bay could also probably be had
relatively cheap....talent wise that is.- Hide quoted text -

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Just to throw it out for group discussion...

Would you trade Matsuzaka for Santana?