Re: OT: My Plead to all: Vote anything BUT Republican in November.

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On a final note I don't have a problem with speaking out after as
Kerry did...just who he chose to speak with. Jane Fonda didn't just
oppose war she supported North Vietnamese troops...she was their Bob
Hope. That's was a bad crowd to run with in my book.

oh come on, Jane Fonda was just a pretty face - doing the fashion
thing for the Tom (SDS) Hayden fans.  Those of us on the left were not
all that happy to see her climb onto the antiwar cause.  she was,
after all, establishment.  and for that reason, yes - wooden john may
have picked a better moment to free himself from himself - but hey, he
strikes me as a typical namby-pamby liberal sort, anyway.  not the
sort of Dude with duende that we needed from the left back then.

admittedly, however, i'll never forget the opening credits scene for

- nate

Jane Fonda being anti-war was fine but siding with North Vietnam?
That's beyond the pale. She was just being an impudent brat. Little
understanding of reality. Much like this NG :-)