Re: Pennant race....

On Feb 1, 3:25 pm, Mortimer <ecthaki...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Jan 31, 9:06 am, Wayback1918 <wayback1...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Athletics 85-77
Rangers 84-78
Mariners 81-81
Angels 77-85

.....that's a huge drop for the Angels. That Lackey must be real

The Athletics in 1st place??!! What the motherfuck?? Are they frickin'
kidding me?? Maybe if Ben Sheets wins 30 games....and Eric Chavez
hits .350...but sheesh. Is this some kind of joke by Gammons?

these aren't gammons' projections, they're wayback's. j/k, they're
baseball prospectus' projections.