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Last year the Red Sox were 46-30 (98 win pace) in games less than 3
hours long and 49-40 ( 89 win pace) in games 3 HR or longer.

They were good in real quick games (2:30 or less) .....10-7 (95 win

Not so good in real long games (4:00 or more)......4-6 (64 win pace)

Best time for the length of a Red Sox game?  Between 3:16 and
3:48.....the Red Sox were 28-9 in games played in that time
range....a .756 winning percentage or 122 win pace.   This includes
winning all 11 games player between 3:39 and 3:48.

However on games between 2:58 and 3:10 they were 8-15 or .347 percent
or a 56 win pace.


Long games typically with NYY by reputation, but I've never seen the
stats you are quoting. We basically split with NYY --- maybe the early
games, which RS won, were quick. My vague memory is that the RS were
not so good last season in extra innings for whatever reason (we did
have that good pen).

I don't think a Sox/Yankees game can run less than four hours. Seriously,
the average length for their games has to be at least 3:30.

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Not at was exactly 3:30

Taking out the rain shortened and extra inning games....the average
time vs each team is below

The number in the middle is the average runs per game for both teams.

ATL 5.5 2:43
FLA 8.5 2:50
NYM 10.0 2:52
CHW 10.1 2:52
MIN 7.6 2:53
TOR 8.8 2:53
OAK 10.0 2:54
TEX 7.9 2:56
LAA 9.4 2:59
SEA 7.8 3:00
WSN 12.0 3:03
BAL 11.0 3:04
DET 9.3 3:04
CLE 11.9 3:05
KCR 12.0 3:09
TBR 9.8 3:12
PHI 17.0 3:27
NYY 11.8 3:30

The Mets and White Sox are quick games in spite of a lot of runs
scored in games with them. Apparently you can score pretty quickly
against them....(or them against us)

The long games with Tampa must be Maddon's incessant use of his
bullpen. The most pitching changes in the AL.

Detroit games take a little longer than would be expected by the
amount of runs scored. (You can't blame Youkilis...the game he
charged the mound was only 3:11)

Beckett started...and finished... the quickest game last year. 3-0 vs
Atlanta in 2:11

Of the top 10 fastest played Red Sox games last year.....Wakefield
started 4....Beckett started 3.....Lester 2....Bowden 1. What?....
no Brad Penny starts?