Re: Will Bay hit .230 or .240 in NY?

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I'm gonna go with .237 avg for the season.

Well let's see - if he is going to face Brad penny and John Schmoltz
he might hit .320


I don't get all this hate for Bay?
he was great for the Sox and the Sox decided to let him leave because of
slavish attraction to sabermetrics.
we will miss Bay.

I don't know that there's a lot of hate. Just not a lot of passion about

Do you have a lot of great memories...moments you'd care to share? Big
winning hits? His swagger? Stepping up and putting the team on his broad
shoulders type of stuff? Just curious...

Good ballplayer? Sure. Irreplaceable? No. Ironically he was the guy
proved even Manny could be replaced. So can he.

he stepped in for Manny and he produced. his one full year he led the team
in HRs and RBIs.
can you point to anything you'd complain about?
in the aftermath of Mannygate Bay was the calm they needed.
and if Drew is worth 14 he's worth 16.