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I can't think of a free agent signing that gave me less of an
emotional response......postively or negatively.

What, you don't think Marco provides the scary bat the Red Sox need in
the middle of the line-up?! Now all we need is a couple of platoon-
types (11 HR/40 RBI) to share time in left and the Sox will be fine! /

Actually, Scutaro makes a decent lead-off option, with 574 at bats
there this year. No, he doesn't shore up the batting order but he's a
better career hitter (.265) than Lowrie (.235) or Agon (.247) with a
better OBP (.337) than either of them (JL: .313; AG: .294) and a
slightly better slugging percentage than Lowrie as well. (Lowrie has
hit one HR in Fenway in two seasons.) Scutaro isn't going to be a
batting champ, no SS is. This is not as bad a move as people are
suggesting. Of course I would like to see them trade for Hanley, but
at what cost. If you think Scutaro was expensive....

you think that a 337 obp guy is a decent lead-off option?