Re: Scutaro.........blah!

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> I can't think of a free agent signing that gave me less of an
> emotional response......postively or negatively.

While Yankees get in the habit of signing the likes of A-Rod, Texiera,
Damon, Sabbathia and Burnett, we get the infamous Marco Scutaro as our
premier FA signing. I guess you can't always get a JD Drew, Rocco
Baldelli or Julio Lugo type of guy though so we shouldn't be too
frustrated with Theo.

I think the time to at least begin becoming frustrated with Theo may
be fast approaching.

You don't think signing a career utility player to be a full time defender at a position that is supposedly important is a good move? Theo is such a tool when it comes to SS. My favorite part us that it is a multi year deal so...