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Zoolander wrote:
On Nov 20, 2:46 pm, Geoff3 <n...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
An observation and a thought:

On Monday night's NESN Hot stove show, Heidi Watney was interviewing
David Ortiz. Asked what the Sox needed to do for next season, Papi
commented on the need for a power bat, bullpen help, and then with a
little twinkle in his eyes, said "and sign Jason".

Big Poopi is on the trading block.

The truth hurts

Posted by Chad Finn, Globe Staff November 20, 2008 05:59 AM

Theo Epstein is nothing if not logical, so we wouldn't be shocked to
learn that the Red Sox’ bloodless general manager is quietly shopping
David Ortiz this off-season. We have no hard evidence to support this
suspicion, mind you. It’s just that, if certain things fall into place
during the hot stove season, it makes more sense than some of us wish
to admit.

Idle speculation from one writer, with no more basis in reality than my post on the very same topic, of a couple of weeks ago. Whoop-de-dam-doo...

Not an unsupportable idea at all BTW.

If I were you I'd be more concerned about Hal taking over from Daddy Warbucks.