Re: The Ramirez situation

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What possible motive would the Red Sox have for "trashing" Ramirez at
this point? They have no interest in signing him and there is
certainly no clamor from the fans for an explanation as to why he was

In fact the 'Nation" was very supportive of the move even though it
understood the team couldn't get full value in return.....even in the
middle of a pennant race

The only noise about this subject is just reverberations from some
isolated empty rain barrels.


they are releasing the info,{if it was the sox, others got the letter too}
to screw manny,
they were more than tolerant of manny, and he burned them. now they are
burning back.
such relevations won't enhance his value at the negotiation.
and you can bet boras was whispering in manny's ear, boras only gets paid
when manny gets a new contract, he more than anybody wanted manny out of

howard slusher a vilified agent in is day used to harge $400 an hour, this
fee type took his intersts out of the deal. he got what he got anyway he
wasn't negotiating for himself like boras and other percentage based agents