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there are only a few teams after manny.
he's already burned two of the richest , the sox and the dodgers.
that leaves the yanks, angels, mets,.
the yanks and mets are both stupid enough to bite.

How did he burn the Dodgers? By not accepting a contract that was
roughly the value of the two options he didn't want?

I don't think Manny will be getting anything like what Boras is
currently asking. Boras is just trying to set the paramaters of the
inevitable negotiations. Any yes, the LA ofer was not intended as
serious --- just their opening move.

Of course, Manny will not be coming back to Boston, despite the
ringing endorsement of Bill Lee <g>. What is a bit sad is the RS
anti-Manny leaks. Seems the front office has a vested interest in
Manny NOT getting a big contract. Understandable, of course, but also
a bit disappointing. Not as bad as their leaking false medical reports
on Pedro, but still disappointing.

Why do you think the Red Sox are still "leaking" stuff? Where is YOUR
evidence of this?

Someone leaked the "which knee" story, and I'm confident it was not
the medical people.

Aren't you being just a tad hypocritical, given your lack
of proof as well?

Yes. That is usenet privilege. But not a privilege the print media is
supposed to enjoy <g>.

The Dodgers have far more interest in "smearing" Manny at
this stage. If that is indeed what is happening and not simply dogged

The Dodgers actually want Manny back. They just worry about the years,
as well they should.

It does sell magazines, papers and ratings you might know.
This stuff isn't appearing from thin air McDuck. Just be happy that your
boy won't have to suffer by here in Boston, where he was so horribly
mistreated by groveling fans like you. After all...he's gotta feed his
family. It's getting tougher all the time to stretch TWENTY MILLION
these days. :)

Oh...and how did Pedro and his medical situation pan out? Last I looked,
that turned out to be a pretty goddamned valid concern.

Well, the RS leaked a story during Pedro's last year with them that
Pedro had a torn labrum. The apparent reason was to scare away other
bidders. We now know from Pedro's operation on a torn rotor cuff that
the story was false. I am not questioning the legitimate concerns
about Pedro's health when the RS offered him a 3-year contract.

And, not being a medical person, I concede that the leaks may not have
been disingenuous --- I understand that a tear in the labrum is hard
to diagnose. Either way, it was wrong for the RS to put the story out
there (assuming that they did). I concede I do not know the RS put the
story out. Reporters may have made it up, etc., or got it from some
unreliable source. Still, the RS is the most likely source, and that
was Pedro's view at the time.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

I also think I recall a FO leak that the Mets weren't having Pedro
take an MRI because they knew tHAt it would be bad. It turned out that
he took and MRI with the Mets and was OK, IIRC. I was disappopinted in
the FO.



pedro has not been worth what he's been paid since he left.
the sox made the right choice there.