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I don't recall even reading the word 'abortion' in that article.

     Found it.    I'm all for lifting  the gag rule.    Give women all the
information available to them.     Reagan and Bush decided that women in
countries where abortion is legal shouldn't be told about that option.
Who the hell are they to make that decision?    You don't want your tax
dollars going to planned parenthood?    Write a letter to your congressman.

Eh....Please tell me why my tax dollars should go towards educating
people about and, in some cases, paying for, abortions for women who
aren't American citizens. Why is that any of our business? (of
course, why should my tax dollars go towards paying for the same
things when they *are* American citizens?)

But that misses the point anyway. And that point was simply this:
whether you like or dislike his executive orders, *this* kind of thing
is, without question, a partisan issue.


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