Re: Election: Congratulations to the Democrats

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Nice post, Kate. Yes, the key is to get past the blame game

As evidenced by the other posts in this thread, more than a few folks
are more interested in playing the blame game than in how well our
nation does.

Very immature.

LOL.  After this campaign, in which the Democrats blamed virtually
everything that's wrong in the world on Bush and we need
to get past the blame game?

One can't deny that Bush/Cheney screwed up this country bigtime. They
were awful. But forget about that, let's get this country back on a
better track.

Heh. Ok.

Wow.  Just wow.

Lots of people of all political affilications play the blame game.
It's still immature.

Lots of things about politics are immature. It's all about
aggrandizing yourself and putting your opponent down. It's about
lying, cheating, and manipulating your way to get what you want. I've
seen enough of it even at a local, town level. Imagine what it must
be at a national level. But it's how it works.

PS - Personally, I hope that Barack Obama becomes the greatest
president in the history of the United States.  I honestly do.  I
never want a president or our leaders to fail, because their failure
impacts all of us.

I expect McCain to have a positive effect as we try to clean up the

I hope you're right.