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I'd like MLB to at least "try" for maybe 2 consecutive years to
have the world series on a single neutral field in a warm state.
Hey it works for the Super Bowl, why not baseball?

Because, unlike the Superbowl, a few days, a one-day event, the WS
is more
than a week (usually), several game tickets and basically several
dollars, pricing most "regular" people out of the games.

The real solution is to start the season in mid-March in
cities (even a few in the Grapfruit league parks if necessary) for
the first two weeks. That would be a little tough on the players,
but so is playing a World Series in 30-degree weather.

I can see your points but think about this. No issues about crazy
stadiums and cowbells and monkeys and whackers and 37ft high walls
that are 310 ft away from home plate. The teams travel once and stay
in the same places. Preparation and rest alone would skyrocket.
Giving "both" teams equal advantages. It would have to be a field
that neither team has played at the
entire season.

I've no problem with keeping the LDS and LCS status quo but I
honestly don't
see what it would hurt to try it as a pilot for a year or two to see
how it
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the WS brings huge bucks to the home cities.
local taxpayers put up big bucks to help teams, ripping them off from
the big payday won't fly.

a game had weather issues, it happens,

I've been talking about this for over 5 years. It just makes sense.

I wouldn't object to a trial season of it. Maybe it would work, though I
really think you're eliminating 90 percent of the usual attendees, and 99
percent of people who have to work for a living. Flying in on Saturday
and home on Monday is one thing. Hey boss, I'm taking 9 days off, that's
another. (Not to mention spending $5000). There's also the issue of
home-field dynamics, game-by-game momentum, etc. That would go
away...unless you pick two cities!

It's true and the only way to get around the cost part of it is to scale
down ticket, concession and hotel/motel prices.

If someone can afford all 7 games of "any" world series they probably don't
have any worries about taking 9 days off. :-)