Re: Manny and Shank

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BBrain wrote:
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He can only be re-signed here for the 20 million agreed upon. So to
say he is not worth zero is simply silly and irrelevent to the
issue. The question *should* be, IMO, can they spend that 20 mil
elsewhere and get better value...also factor in the draft picks I
believe they would get if someone else signed him as a free agent.

Dano, why can't you just have an adult conversation without including
insulting remarks like this? You don't have to call my opinion
"simply silly and irrelevent to the issue" to make your point. It
seems as if you go out of your way to try and start a flame war. In
any case, I know they would have to pay him 20M if they excercise the
option; what I was pointing out was that the RS might be able to get
more value in a trade for Manny with over a year left on his
contract, than two draft picks (I'm not even sure they get the draft
picks, does anyone know for sure if they do?). Even if they had to
eat a portion of the salary to make a deal. I didn't have any
specific team or players in mind, I may even be wrong, but I don't
think it was a "silly" or "irrelevant" comment. Also, IMO there is
some value in being able to control where he does go, even if you
have a different opinion.

Really? You are THAT sensitive? That I call your opinion...not even
you...but YOUR OPINION silly...constitutes disrespect and flaming? You
though that was bad? REALLY???

OK. Fine. Have it your way sir. I will in the future ignore ALL of your
further silly comments. Oh...and kindly kiss my ass. PLONK.