Re: Devern Hansack Has Been the BEST Red Sox minor league pitcher since 6-19

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So, as I said, I'd take a chance on him if the need arises, but I do
not see him displacing Timlin soon in RS plans. Too bad, really.

You are just trying to be annoying re the CG's. The recent one was a 7
inning CG on a doubleheader day.

Funny, annoying. Pretty much the same thing. But in any event, I'm
happy with 7 inning complete games. I do not think prospects should be
pitching CGs in the minors unless the pitch count is in the 50s.

You are wrong about his record. It is now 5-9, but nobody cares a lot
about a minor league won lost record.

I certainly don't care a lot about W-L. But 9 losses out of 14 games
is a bit of a worry. Sure, if he were losing 1-0 or whatever, no one
would worry. But he was losing and giving up a lot of runs and
pitching badly.

Think how high the ERA was before 46 innings with a 1.57 ERA brought
it down. He spent time on the DL early in the year. Given his previous
work and his recent work it is obvious that something was wrong as he
was very ineffective early in the year. He is still on the 40 man
roster so he has supporters in the organization.

You don't have to convince me he had a bad ERA before this great
stretch. That was my point. If you are right that he has supporters in
the organization, then perhaps we will see him. But my guess is that
they have a role for him, and that role right now is deep starting
reserve. We shall see.

It is easier to pitch
out of the BP than to start. That very low walk rate would be a good
thing. Also the high K rate. During this stretch AAA hitters are
averaging .565 hits per inning off of him. Anything less than 1.0 hits
per inning is considered good. Having someone who was a starter pitch
in relief in the minors before filling that role in the majors is so
unneeded. How many games did Masterson pitch in relief? Did it really
matter? It is just another form of modern stupidity.

I agree that his good BB/K ratio is a big plus and so noted. But you
are too quick to discount his early bad performance. If we have a
clear reason for it --- like an arm hanging off, fine. But stats are
unreliable as predictors if you cherry pick the stats.

I believe Masterson relieved in 3 games at Pawtucket, but I'm not
entirely sure. Did it matter? The people expert on the matter thought
it did, but perhaps they are wrong.

I do not think it is stupid, old fashion or modern, for a pitcher to
practice in the minors what he will be asked to do in the majors. As
you certainly are fully aware, starting and relieving are different,
have different rhythms, etc. That relieving may be easier, in your
opinion, does not really matter. I suspect that it is nice to get a
feel for warming up quickly and coming into the game with guys on base
before having to do it in the majors.

Now, if you were saying that it should not take a lot of relief
appearances for Devern to be ready to relieve, I'd agree. but you were
not saying that. I suggested the RS do with him what they did with
Masterson, and you objected, so we know that you want less than 3
relief appearances, perhaps none.