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According to RotoWorld and the Herald, Boston has interest in Brad
Wilkerson, a 30-year-old lefty hitting, lefty throwing free agent
outfielder-first baseman from Texas, to serve as a backup this season.

IMHO, this would be a great and very Epsteinesque pickup. Wilkerson
hasn't lived up to the potential he showed as a younger player, and
he's a high-strikeout/low-batting average hitter, but he's got some
real positives too.

Wilkerson hit .234/.319/.467 last year, with 20 HR and 62 RBI in 338
AB. For his career, he's at .250/.354/.451, with 118 HR in 2923 AB,
having played for Montreal/Washington from 2001-05 and Texas the last
two years. These numbers are far from outstanding, but Wilkerson does
have good power (and he hit 32 HR in 2004), draws walks (between 81
and 104 in his four full seasons), runs reasonably well (two years of
13 SB), and can play all three OF positions and 1B capably. Oddly, he
hits lefties a little better than righties (.265/.363/.456 to

I like these attributes. Assuming Crisp is traded, Wilkerson is a guy
who could legitimately back up Manny, Ellsbury, Drew, Youkilis, Lowell
(with Youk sliding across the diamond), and Ortiz. Wilkerson could do
respectably for a few weeks if one of these guys went on the DL, and
can also give them rest or add a lefty power threat from the bench.
Like I said, Wilkerson has flaws, namely the strikeouts, low BA, and
some injury history, but I'd sure as heck take him over Hinske and, as
much as I'd like to see him get a shot, Brandon Moss. I hope Epstein
gets this guy,


won't happen. too expensive. they need to open up some spots for their
good rookies, anyways.

After checking what he's looking for...3 years @ 21M...I think you're right.
Now that's their starting point, but I don't think that the Sox would offer
7M for ONE year, for a back-up.

Oh, I doubt that they'd come close to a 3-year, $21 million offer for
someone who'd be a backup. Wilkerson may have been looking for that
kind of contract as a regular, earlier in the free agency period, but
that ship has sailed and he'll have to lower his demands. That said,
Boston is hardly pinching pennies, so I don't think they'd have a
problem with overpaying a little for a quality backup like Wilkerson.
I could see a 1-year deal for $4 million-ish being more likely.