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Nina Jarvis wrote:
On Tue, 08 Jan 2008 09:21:27 -0600, Shufflin Shears
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Visit the Holocaust Museum in DC sometime. The history lesson will make your blood boil. Why on Earth did it take a bomb dropped on Hawaii to get us to enter WWII and stop that madman from killing millions of people? Millions lof lives would have been saved if we had gotten involved years earlier.

Go back and read up more. At one point a ship load of
jews approached the US, the US turned themn away and they
returned to Germany.

We should have gotten in WW2 sooner.

Isn't this exactly what I was intimating above?

I had a number of relatives who went to fight in WW2.
One of them came home to basically say good bye to his family.
The idea was he was not going to return. Fortunetly for
him the war ended before the operation.

IMO, it's not okay to just sit back and let barbaric dictators kill people. Those who have the power to stop such atrocities are obligated to do so.

Lets any given time there are 75 wars on this planet.
How do we decide which ones to get involved in? We can't fight them all.

That's right, but we can't ignore them either.