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The story I heard was that ***Baylor*** made that plea to Mac (on
behalf of Billy Buck).

That's the way I always heard it too. It doesn't really take the heat off
Mac for me...there's also the question about pulling Clemens...though
obviously we don't know which guy was lying about the "blister story".
Maybe Cobb knows the truth from his friend who was supposedly a former

No, of course not. Still Mac's fault. But BB was not the kind of guy
to make that plea IMHO (based, as usual, on deep, inside information).
I was trying to clear BB from blame, not Mac.

As for the blister story, if Cobb gets the story from a player, he
will side with the player (Clemens). THAT is one of the unwritten
rules of baseball --- players side with players <g>.

Actually, I recall a TV program where Mac was asked about the pulling
of Clemens and Rich Gedman was also asked. As best I recall, Gedman
basically said he's have to go with the player. But he also said he
did not recall Clemens complaining about a blister.

Hard call for me b/c I think both Mac and Clemens are born liars. In
contrast, Gedman came across as a truthful guy (who like or was at
least grateful to Mac) but not wanting to get involved.

Haven't heard about the blister. Clemens denied there was a blister.
Macnamara said there was. Jean Yawkey was livid and fired Macnamara in the
post season.
It was a shock to see him replaced--they would have won the series if he
stayed in. He had been strong the last couple of innings.
To this day, I cringe every time a manager takes out a starter who is
cruising to a win--obeying the almighty pitch counter.