No clear advantage

So why are the Red Sox prohibited favorites?

Before Papelbon was demoted to the bullpen I thought the Red Sox had a
clear advantage over the Yankees in starting pitching. The hope
being that this would be enough to over come the disadvantage in all
the other areas.

Right now I don't see any area that Red Sox are clearly superior.

Line up - Yankees by a lot

Bullpen - Yankees by a little but pretty close now

Fielding - Probably a push

Speed - Pretty close

That brings us back to staritng pitching:

Wang vs Schilling......Advantage Yankees but could be close

Mussina vs Beckett....Advantage Yankees

Pettite vs Dice-K .....Advantage Sox....

Pavano vs Wakefield....Maybe Sox

???? vs Tavarez .... the bar is not that high that the Yankees
could get at least a push here.

Serioulsy weakening the rotation is not the way to strengthen the