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Loved it. That was much more effective than booing. Rivera took it as
it was intended, as a backhanded show of respect. You don't get that
kind of reaction without being great first. I must say, I didn't
think of this moment when considering my favorites, but I did think
about when Pesky got his ring that day.

From what I heard (I didn't see it myself), it really looked as if he
thought they were cheering for him in a non-sarcastic manner.

It was DEFINITELY sarcastic cheering (he had blown the last two saves of
2004 in the playoffs against the Sox, and had already blown one save
that year against the Sox). And bless him, Mo understood it totally,
smiled and laughed and tipped his cap. Really changed my opinion of
him, showed he's a classy guy who enjoys the game.

Reminds me of a time as a kid I watched the Sox play the Rangers when
Canseco was on the Rangers. Every time he came up, there were
"Steroid!" chants. Then, there was a single to right field and he
literally kicked the ball into the corner, one of the worst errors I've
ever seen. The place erupted. When he came up to bat the next inning,
he got a standing ovation. And Jose, to his credit, stepped out of the
box and, with a big smile, gave a huge tip of his cap to the crowd.
Showed that he, like Rivera years later, "gets it." There's an element
of fun in the games, and you can't lose that.

I agree about Rivera. I always saw him as somewhat cold and mechanical, as
well as tough to beat. That changed my opinion. I also had a lot of
respect for the Yankees players who watched the ring ceremony from the
dugout rather than sulking in the locker room.