Re: Kyle Snyder

On 11 Mar 2007 18:01:40 -0700, john.vampatella@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

From CNNSI: "No less than five scouts have inquired about Boston's
Kyle Snyder. Look for a team needing an end-of-the-rotation starter to
pursue him before the end of the month."


I wonder what Snyder would fetch in terms of a bullpen arm. It would
be nice to be able to move him for a good reliever. But I've thought
that Snyder could be a pretty good reliever himself. Pretty good
fastball, good curve. Only two pitches = gets killed as a starter.
But two good pitches = pretty good relief pitcher.

Baseball Prospectus likes Snyder, as do (reportedly) some of the
statistically-inclined people in the Red Sox front office. I'm still
not sold on him, but I hope I'm wrong.

If teams are interested in Snyder, I'd just as soon trade him. Not
sure what he'd bring in return, but it would ease the bullpen logjam a
little, and maybe they could get a C-level prospect or two to boost
the minor league depth.