Re: An Open Apology to A-Rod

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I have attacked Alex Rodriguez for years. I've said he's my
second-least favorite player, trailing only Barry Bonds. But after
reading A-Rod's gracious and wonderful comments about Manny Ramirez in
today's Globe, I want to publicly apologize to Mr. Rodriguez. And if
he ever does opt out of his contract, I would welcome him as a Red
Sock. Here's what Alex said in Cafardo's Baseball Notes:

"I think Manny is the greatest righthanded hitter we've ever seen.
That I've ever seen, no question. I can't think of anyone over the
years better than Manny Ramírez. Now, I haven't seen Hank Aaron and
Ernie Banks and Willie Mays, but I can't imagine their being greater
than Manny Ramírez. I have the utmost admiration for Manny, he's a
very close friend."

If he were a teammate, how would he handle Ramírez's quirks and

"Very easy," he said. "Thirty-five, 120 every year. I'll take it every
day. A lot of superstars have some gimmicks. I'm a goofy guy and I
have some [expletive] that comes with me, you know? I judge Manny on
two things. No. 1: 7:05 [p.m.]. Every night he's ready to go. And
secondly, he's probably the hardest-working player I've ever been
around. He keeps it a big secret. He keeps it away from you guys."


I'd have taken ARod even before these comments. The guy (ARod) is a
first-ballot lock for the Hall of Fame. Get him away from Jeter, and
I bet he loosens up. That relationship problem can't be helping him.
Imagine his numbers in Fenway. Yikes.

Yeah. I really do think Alex will opt out after 2007. If the Red Sox
can somehow figure out a way to afford Alex, then, man, I'm totally on
board with that. Unlike in New York, we'll let Alex decide whether he
wants to play short or third, and Lugo can take the other spot (since
Lowell will be gone by then). Unless Pedroia sturggles, in which case
we could play Alex at short and move Lugo to second. Then we'd have
to sign a 3B or move Youk there and get a first sacker. Either way,
imagine a lineup with Ellsbury-Alex-Ortiz-Manny-Drew-Youkilis hitting
1-6! Wow!!!

A-Rod would be better off going back to Seattle and going back to shortstop.