An Open Apology to A-Rod

I have attacked Alex Rodriguez for years. I've said he's my
second-least favorite player, trailing only Barry Bonds. But after
reading A-Rod's gracious and wonderful comments about Manny Ramirez in
today's Globe, I want to publicly apologize to Mr. Rodriguez. And if
he ever does opt out of his contract, I would welcome him as a Red
Sock. Here's what Alex said in Cafardo's Baseball Notes:

"I think Manny is the greatest righthanded hitter we've ever seen.
That I've ever seen, no question. I can't think of anyone over the
years better than Manny Ramírez. Now, I haven't seen Hank Aaron and
Ernie Banks and Willie Mays, but I can't imagine their being greater
than Manny Ramírez. I have the utmost admiration for Manny, he's a
very close friend."

If he were a teammate, how would he handle Ramírez's quirks and

"Very easy," he said. "Thirty-five, 120 every year. I'll take it every
day. A lot of superstars have some gimmicks. I'm a goofy guy and I
have some [expletive] that comes with me, you know? I judge Manny on
two things. No. 1: 7:05 [p.m.]. Every night he's ready to go. And
secondly, he's probably the hardest-working player I've ever been
around. He keeps it a big secret. He keeps it away from you guys."