Re: Mariano Rivera a Red Sox?

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Now, I think the chances of this actually happening (Mariano pitching
for Boston, that is) are less than one percent, and maybe that's even
way too high. I cannot imagine him pitching for anybody besides New

I disagree with you 100%, perhaps 200%. I think the chances of MR
becoming a RS are at least 2%. <g>


Mariano will be looking for a longterm contract with a lot of money.
Good as he is, he is a risk for a longterm contract. If I were a GM,
I'd be nervous at a contract for longer than 3 years. He will want at
least 5 years.

What makes you think he'll want a *5* year contract? Do you know
he'll want to pitch that long? His last couple of contracts, if I
recall correctly, were not 5 year deals.

I have no information on what he wants. I was giving the scenario
under which the RS might have a shot at signing him. A 2% shot <g>.

I can see NYY banking on him wanting to be a Yankee and
underbidding. So it is possible he will leave NYY, but, if it happens,
it will be a longterm contract with the accompanying risks. Certainly
not the 1-year deal you are dreaming about.

(a) That's why it's a dream, and not likely to become reality.

Yes, I understand.

(b) There's huge value in signing him away from the Yankees, just to
get him out of NY, even if he never threw a pitch for Boston. I don't
know how to assign a dollar figure to that value, but it would be a
*devastating* blow to the Yankee franchise to have him sign as a FA
with Boston. Absolutely devastating. It would not only give Boston
the premier closer in history (even at an advancing age, he was
probably the best closer in baseball last year), it would cut the
heart out of the Yankees, taking away the player most responsible for
their championship run in the 90's.

It would be a v. nice two-fer signing. But I do not put a closer, even
a great closer, that high on the list of valuable players. Jeter and
Bernie Williams were more important contributors in my opinion. Of
course, they were v. big contributors, so I'm not suggesting that
Mariano was not v. valuable. Now, in the playoffs, I think Mariano's
value went up quite a bit.

I'm not too big on the idea of the loss of a player "cutting the
heart" out of a team. Puts too much emphasis on team morale for my
taste. But it is a possibility. It does seem only fair that some of
those Yankee hitters have to try to hit Mariano in a key situation.