Re: OT Oh Oh.. My Peter Pan Got Recalled

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I plowed my driveway at 630am. I came Inside and had a peanut butter
sandwich with a glass of milk at 730am. At 8am the Today Show announced
that shipments of Peter Pan peanut butter were being recalled because
its tainted with salmonella. Lo and behold i had 2 jars with the code
that was being recalled. At 815 i stuck my finger down my throat.
Looks like im going to have to leave my opening day tickets to
Im in western mass. The code numbers start with 21116 and 21117....

Sell it on Ebay

Yeah, right. Good luck selling ANYTHING on ebay these days. All these late-
night make -a-million-on-ebay infomercials have created a glut of sellers,
few buyers.