Re: Bush Is About to Attack Iran

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CalC wrote:
When Osama Bin Laden was in Tora Bora and we tried to "pry"
him out we failed. Had we nuked the region as we all applauded Truman
for doing in 1945 we might have saved some US soldiers lives, gotten
Bin Laden, and most importantly sent a message to other pariahs we
wouldn't tolerate this sort of foolishness.

Dear God...

If you 'nuked the region' you would also not be able to unring that bell. It would take the lid off a nuclear conflict. The US isn't the only nuclear capable entity. Not only that...but if you think people are lining up to take shots at the US now...drop a nuke in the region. You might as well keep going and just nuke the whole world, because the people that you leave behind will be looking for revenge.

Plus, in 1945, NOBODY knew the ramifications of a nuclear attack. Hell, they were still wearing sunglasses to 'protect' their eyes during nuclear tests...

Both Pakistan and India have nuclear weapons. I don't think either would be too pleased about nukes being used next door. Never mind their little neighbor...the Chinese.