Re: Happy Birthday, Nolan Ryan

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The Hall-of-Famer turns 60 today, but I bet he can still throw in the
eighties. Just curious, when do you think his age will catch up to his
fastball? I'd guess in the early seventies.

iremember remy talking about plying behind him, he'd be striking evertbody
out, walking the ballpark andthen when a ball was put into play the
muscles were cold from inaction and what normally they could get would go
through for a run scoring hit.

Remy would know, bacuse he did play with him during his time with the
Angels. Those were some impressive seasons by Ryan.

Nolan Ryan was an absolutely amazing pitcher to watch, even when he
was in his forties. Was he overrated? Sure. He wasn't quite as
great as his reputation and strikeout feats would indicate. But man,
he was just....I feel bad for the kids out there who didn't get a
chance to watch guys like Ryan, Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench, Reggie
Jackson, Yaz, Dave Kingman, Willie Wilson, etc. We had us some really
exciting players in the Seventies.