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He's proof that there's life after steroids.

Kind of like you're proof that there's life after a lobotomy?

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Gabe Kapler is bringing the same intensity he had as a player to his new
as a manager in the Red Sox system, which is why he should be tremendous.
Asked what he is doing to prepare as manager of the Greenville Drive,
responded with an e-mailed list:

1. Reading, reading, and more reading.

2. Learning our players and their personalities.

3. Asking lots of questions to every coach/manager I know.

4. Falling in love with John Wooden and his philosophies regarding setting

5. Counting down the minutes until I get started and finally have the
opportunity to experience this first-hand (all the while realizing that I
have a lot to learn and that I am sure to stumble a few times).

6. Realizing that I need to stay in top physical condition because I am
going to be setting an example.

7. Learning new stats that I didn't pay enough attention to as a player.

8. Asking a lot of questions about protocol.

9. Trying to explain my excitement to people who don't understand why I
up a playing career at 31.

10. Visualizing/daydreaming about winning baseball games.

11. Visualizing/daydreaming about assisting in the development of these
young players.

"These are a few of the things I would associate with preparation," added
Kapler. "I am trying to keep a record of everything relating to this
I wish I had kept a journal as a player."

Sounds like part of the farm is in good hands.