Re: Damaged goods ?

krongone wrote:

That's Theo and his great scouting system.

E. Renteria

Was Renteria a failure? I think one has to evaluate his time here, he
was a failure in the field no question. With the bat his numbers were
slightly off from his previous season which one would have to expect
when changing leagues although his OBP was higher. If I am correct, and
correct me if im not but Theo Epstein wasn't the general manager at the
time of his trade and deciding to eat the large majority of his
contract. Had Renteria stayed and put up the numbers he did in '06
people would be singing a different tune about this deal.

H. Ramirez
A. Sanchez

So far it looks like a bad trade however it is way too early to tell.
If Beckett can return to his old form then this deal could be
considered a wash.

F. Sanchez

This was a bad trade hands down. Freddy had 51 AB's in a Red Sox
uniform and never had a chance to prove himself and we have nothing but
bad past statistics from Sauerbeck and Suppan to show for it.

J. Damon
C. Crisp

Just like JB this is too early to tell. Coco had a disappointing first
season but was hampered by injury and is signed to a nice contract
given that he can return to his form of 2005.

J. Bard/ D. Mirabelli
C. Meredith

Bad deals, no question although if you look at Meredith and Bard's
statistics at the levels they were at at the time its understandable.

B. K. Kim

I disagree here. We were in dire need of a RP / SP at the time. People
forget that Byung-Hyun Kim did have a good first season here. He came
in and filled the whole of a starter here and then became our closer
and did a good job in 2003. People quickly forgot that Kim pitched
lights out for us as a closer in September (3-1, 5 saves, 0 era in 13
IP) which helped us get into the playoffs that season not to mention
his 0.95 era in July which helped us as well. Hillenbrand was
expendable because of Mueller and Millar and Kim did for us what he had
to do at the time.

B. Arroyo

Agreed although it may still be too early to tell.. If Wily Mo turns
into a stud and Arroyo pitches the way he did in the final months of
last season it will be a different story.

Theo's ego & incompetence is destroying our our beloved Sox. A true
defintion of an Idiot.

The book is still out.. If Pena, Beckett, Crisp, Lugo, et al turn into
busts then I will agree but we still have a lot to find out.