Re: WAAAY OT: Politics (Liberal Leaning)

gclark wrote:

Arrogantly patriotic, not sure what you mean. Do you have
a sense of national pride? Do you defend your Country against
criticism from foreigners. Is that what you mean?

No. I do have a sense of national pride. What I mean is difficult to explain to an American (believe me, I have tried). I am kind of tired (long day at work) let me try and simply explain in a quick way.

That Lee Greenwood song (IIRC) that was popular post 9/11, as well as that 'proud to be an American' song, are sort of musical representations of the type of flag waving, grandstanding, 'America is always right', 'believe in your President no matter what', 'we are just bringing freedom to the poor, unwashed masses'-type of patriotism that I am talking about. I can't come up with much more of an explanation than this, and I would stress that I am not generalizing here...I just don't like this from the people that do think or act this way.

People should be influenced only by what they allow to
influence them. How can this be America's fault?

This is a whole 'nother thread, and its a bit much for my brain capacity right now...but its difficult to have any kind of national identity, especially in the arts, when you have such a huge, dominating, monstrosity of a cultural influence immediately to your south. Hell, some people from other countries pretty much assume Canada is part of the US.

If you google, you can find many articles about this topic on the web. Probably use something like 'CRTC Canadian content regulations' in your search...