Re: WAAAY OT: Politics (Liberal Leaning)

gclark wrote:
Are all you Canadians the same, aye?

It's "eh".

Not nice to be stereotyped is it.

Yeah, no Americans stereotype Canadians either, right? PS - I wasn't stereotyping...I was stating a fact. I have read umpteen dozen conversations in this NG, the Yanks NG and others that are political in nature. It usually takes about 10 posts before they are just name calling between the left and right. If I am wrong, prove me wrong.

By now, I think we all get the fact you have very
little respect for all things American.
That is your right. I live on a border state and
see lots of Canadians, east coast. They come
for medical care, vacations, to buy products etc.

I am not seeing where you are going with this. Are you saying that political conversations between Americans in this NG *DON'T* disintegrate into left vs. right name calling?

Are you just like "them", arrogant and refuse to speak
English even though most of them can?

Well, interesting then that in a conversation where you are (unnecessarily) chastising me for generalizing that you are lumping Quebec in with all of Canada as far as a disdain for speaking English. You apparently live close enough to the border that you should at least have a working knowledge of the concept of "distinct society" with regard to what the people you are describing hold as a belief. You might want to check your facts too, because I would not say that "most" Francophones in Quebec can speak English, at least in a fluent sense. (PS - Canada has one primarily French province (Quebec), and one officially bilingual province (New Brunswick). The rest of them are English, with some percentage that may speak other languages...including French).

I don't believe
you are all alike. Please don't judge all Americans
the same.

Well, you obviously had something you wanted to get off your chest, and apparently my post served as a vehicle for this.

I say again (and please note the caps for emphasis)...

BASED ON WHAT I SEE IN THIS NG I don't think its possible.