Re: Thoughts on the death penalty and the war in Iraq !!!

Dano says:
<<Let's look at it this way. If you truly are unaware of how many
American's are unhappy with the war, let's look at how our troops

Of course I know how most Americans feel about the war now Dano. My
point in starting this thread was never a blanket suppprt of the war or
how it's being waged. I started by saying that the motive the Bush
people used for war was a bad choice and an insult to us. I just don't
share the attitude of the left that this war was under taken for purely
evil reasons. Or that the situation is totally hopeless. The left, to me
is just too eager to pronounce this a failure because it fits with their
long existing bias. BTW, I feel the same about those few who are o
sure that it will end well. I know I'm repeating myself but thought
some clarification was needed.

DON !!!
"Save the cheer leader!!!
Save the world"!!!