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The real reason? You mean the lack of action by the Clinton

Geez, it has been 6 years since Clinton has been president and
conservatives are still blaming all the worlds problems on him. It's
time to hold Bush accountable for some of the crap going on under his


When a previous president F's up things, the next president does NOT
have to take responsibility for the previous president's F-ups.

Just wondering many years must a president be in office before
starts being held responsible for what has happened on his watch? genius Rightards didn't cut Clinton ANY slack for the deficit
was handed by the previous administration.

That's a rather loose phrase, Dano. "responsible for what has happened on
his watch"

A prez should be held responsible for the situations which his actions

While Clinton may not have been fully responsible for creating the Al Qaeda
problem, his "fault" is that his administration did squat to deal with the
in any meaningful way. Instead, they let the problem fester and left it for
to inherit and deal with.

Who made Osama what he is today? Reagan's people, led by that great
American right wing hero Ollie North. Yet the blame goes to Clinton for
this mess? Remember that everything is connected. There are consequences
to every action. Reagan's administration gets credit for bringing down the
Soviets. The price? Al Queda led by Osama and trained by the US of A my
friend. Who helped Sadam stay in power? Once again King George the first
and his pal Rummy. Remember any of that smart guy?

So we should have left the Soviets in Afghanistan, "smart guy"" Hmmm? I'm
that a lefty lunatic such as yourself would have loved that.

Yes, there are consequences for actions. It's the cost of doing business
and you
have to learn to accept it. Winning WW2 and defeating fascism had the cost
strengthening the Soviets. Kicking the Soviets out of Afghanistan had the
cost of
strengthening the Muslim extremists.

There are no "no cost" solutions. You simply have to take care of the
problem in
front of you and learn to accept that unforeseen aftereffects will happen
and deal
with them, if and when it becomes necessary.

You cannot fail to act to solve today's problems because you fear that your
solution will cause bad aftereffects tomorrow. You just to the best you can
and leave tomorrow for tomorrow.