Re: Arizona rumor

john.vampatella@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Who knows....maybe they bite on that. If I'm the Sox, I'd do that in a
heartbeat as well. The $9 million you owe Clement is a sunk cost right
now...may as well cut that in half and add a very nice bullpen arm in
the process. And maybe there are enough pros that Arizona would
consider it as well. Worth a shot, anyway.

At this point, you don't give up on Clement. If he wasn't injured right now and last year was him pitching healthy, then yeah, you probably do this. However, you KNOW last year he wasn't healthy and you DO know that when he was healthy, he was literally an All-Star pitcher. I say you wait him out and see what he can give you. Again, let last year be a lesson. You can NEVER have too much pitching.